Youth holidays

If you prefer an active youth recreation, most of all, you have long been close to the walls of the city, and you thought about the fact that a trip to another city. We offer you an unforgettable weekend in the land of blue lakes – in the Braslav region. While vacationing with us, you get a lot of positive, good mood and unforgettable experience !!!

 1 day Check, resettlement

Cognitive excursions: “The sun, youth, water – Braslav meet you always !!!”

Our excursion program will begin with a dive into the history of the birth of the city of Braslav. This will tell you a certified guide to the “ancient settlement – Castle Hill”. You will see an amazing landscape on the 5th largest lake in Belarus – Drivyaty. You will hear the legend of Prince Bracy, founder of Braslav. You talk about the 950- year history of Braslav near the memorial stone, set in honor of the founding of the city – in 1065. Full of knowledge of history, you will go on a fascinating journey along the lake, where he received a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable impressions of landscapes Braslavsky edge with a sightseeing point of the area – Mount Beacon, and for eternal youth will visit the source of living water – “Okmenitsa”, which is known as “Winter Road”, “Shalkinya”. Offer try spring water, which is known for its healing qualities.

 – Do not forget to eat, to have the strength and vivacity for the whole night … – dinner.

“From dusk till dawn …” – a disco.

day 2 “Who woke up, he ate …” – breakfast

Games program, “Laser Tag” – the war for fun. No casualties or damage.


Cost of the tour for 1 person 216 700 rubles. 

The price includes:

– Comfortable rooms;

– food;

– Excursion service;

– Entrance ticket to the disco;

– Parking;

– 5% tourist tax on the basis of the decision of the Braslav District Council deputies from 24.12.2015g. Number 82.

Additional charges: 

– Bathing and wellness center, billiards, a game of “Laser Tag”.

For all booking questions, please call: +375 (2153) 32150, +375 (2153) 60484, +375 (2153) 60865,  +375 (29) 1027829, +375 (29) 1983362.