Water hiking

For lovers of active leisure tourist – health complex offers four water tourist routes of varying difficulty on the boats overnight in tents equipped with parking:

Water route №1. Duration – 3 days. Length – 34 km. march route runs along the lake Drivyaty visiting Peninsula Ushin, Dukelskaya Luke and Ratskogo Bora.

Water marschrut №2. Duration – 3 days. Length – 40 km. The route runs along the lake Drivyaty, Druyka river, lake Nespish visiting Long Island.

Water route №3. Duration -8 days. Length – 113 km. The most difficult water route. The journey is the northern part of the group of Braslav lakes: Lake Drivyaty, Nespish, Voiso, Strusto, Snudy with a visit to the Spring “Okmenitsa” rich gray-water hydrogen and Chaichin island, the territory of which are located inland lake.

Water route №4. Duration – 5 days. Length – 55 km. The route goes along the lake Nespish, Strusto lake, Lake Boloyso, Lake Drivyaty.