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The Braslav district is one of the largest lake in Belarus groups. It includes about 300 lakes, a swimming pool area, which is about 800 km2.The lakes are interconnected by numerous streams and rivers, stretching 300km.

Soak in the rays of the summer sun can be on the sandy beach, which is located on the shores of one of the largest and cleanest lakes in the country. For lovers of active leisure tourist and recreational complex offers water trails on boats with an overnight stay in tents equipped with parking, as well as one-day water trips.

A variety of day trips will not make bored of old fans, folk traditions, historical and cultural dowry. Travelers are encouraged to visit the following tours:

– “Along the Braslav Lakes”;

– “Journey to Mount Lighthouse”;

– “Castle Hill – the heart of Braslav”;

– “Braslavsky Regional Museum”;

– “History of traditional crafts Braslav.”

In the heart of Braslav you can take a walk on the Castle Hill – a former fortified settlement XI – XVIII centuries. Zamchischa area of ​​2 hectares. No buildings have survived, but the trees and the slopes are in good condition. With the settlement otkryaetsya a beautiful view of the city and the lake Drivyaty. You will hear the story of the settlement of occurrence and learn about the life of the legendary doctor Stanislav Narbut.

Guests of the park have a great opportunity to meet in special enclosures with typical forest inhabitants Belarusian Lakeland: wolves, roe deer, foxes, deer, brown bear, wild boar.

Mount Beacon Travel will not leave anyone indifferent, because the mountain is one of the best vantage points of our country, which offers a panoramic view Strusto Lakes (13 sq. km), Snudy (23 sq. km). Who was not on the hill Lighthouse, one would believe that we in Belarus have such amazing beauty of the place. You can also visit the healing spring, whose water of average mineralization with a small amount of hydrogen sulfide.

Of course, a museum of traditional culture and historical – local history – is the pride of Braslav. Traditional Culture Museum contains not only the exposure of weaving, basket weaving, plaiting of straw, wood carving, pottery, woodworking, but makes learning this craft. Historical – Local Lore Museum has permanent exhibition halls, reflecting the most important historical events of the region, and exhibition space. The museum staff provide advice on the history and culture of Braslav.