FISHING FOR Braslavsky lakes!

Our area provides an excellent opportunity to experience the thrill of the fishing happiness. On the territory of the Braslav district is more than 250 large and small lakes. The lakes are home to about 30 species of fish: eel, perch, catfish, carp (carp), bream, pike, bream, ide, chub, carp, carp, eel, tench, crucian gold, carp silver, perch, dace, roach, rudd, bleak, verkhovka, minnow, stickleback, ruff, eel, whitefish, whitebait, dace, chub.

Priority objects Fishing – bream, carp, tench, perch, pike, carp, carp, perch, bream, rudd, roach.

Record trophy pike – 20 kg, bream – 5 kg, perch – 2 kg, eel – 4 kg pike – 6 kg, rudd – 1.5 kg, tench – 4 kg.

 When fishing must be respected “rules of amateur fishing in Belarus.”

What could be better than relaxing on the beautiful shore of the lake with a fishing rod in your hands or evening gatherings around the campfire in the company of cheerful friends? Your dream is feasible. For lovers of fishing Unitary Enterprise “Braslav Lakes” offers a program for the fishermen to the organization of competitions in fishing and dinner by the fire with a fishing soup.

Amateur fishing is carried out on a paid basis. One-day and multi-day tickets can be purchased at Unitary Enterprise “Braslavsky lakes” or “Braslav Lakes” National Park.

For fishing is allowed to use: fly fishing, float and ground fishing tackles all systems, spinning, clubs, track zherlitsy, rifles and pistols for underwater hunting nets.

If, in addition to the fishing process is important to you surroundings, the beautiful nature Braslavsky edge you’ll be pleased. It is here that you can feel the inexpressible words, a feeling of oneness with nature, which, incidentally, is the cornerstone, forcing fishermen to wake up early in the morning to fish!

If you are going to fish in one of the Braslav Lakes, and indeed many of them are here, you just need to visit the unitary enterprise «Braslavsky lakes”!

You will appreciate the charm of fishing and get an unforgettable experience, because of the unitary enterprises Braslavsky lakes “, is waiting for you: cozy and comfortable rooms; Russian bath with steam present in the wood and a cozy lounge room; ear hot, cooked a special recipe cook “Braslavsky lakes” tourist enterprise; unusual atmosphere for a fun and friendly company!

                                                                     Are always welcome!