MEMO Tourist

1. Unitary pradpryemstva “Braslavsky lakes” welcomes guests all year round, located on the lake Drivyaty 4 km. from the town of Braslav.

2. The settlement is made after 13:00 Release of rooms until 12:00. If the reserved room free and cleaned, guests can settle to the checkout time. The company Guests are kindly requested to understand the possible disadvantages associated with large arrival and departure during the peak season. Check guests recommend no later than 23:00. In the later arrivals, please inform the Administration of the company in advance.

3. When you check on the unitary pradpryemstva “Braslav Lakes” Hotel requires Administrators Travel Agreement (expense), passport (another identity document).

4. Accommodation with pets is only possible in consultation with the administration of the enterprise and the availability of the relevant documents (medical certificate veterinarian).

5. In the company provides paid parking for private vehicles.

6. Food in the unitary enterprise “Braslavsky lakes” complex (3 meals a day). Guests are kindly requested to inform the administration of the enterprise, if there are vegetarians among tourists or those with restrictions on POWER.

7. Guests should remember that pradpryemstva administration is not responsible for the loss of valuable things, money and documents left in the room. Before leaving, guests are required to cover the number on the key.

8. The administration company will inform visitors about what is prohibited on the premises:

– Inconvenience and disturb the peace of other residents;

– Leave room in his absence unauthorized persons, and send them the room key;

– Smoking in the room;

– Keep the room of animals and birds;

-Dispose of the windows of the hotel things (bottles, cigarette butts, etc.);

-Use any Pyromancer on the premises;

-Sneaked into the territory of the enterprise and store flammable number, explosive, poisonous items and substances;

– Use their own electrical appliances, include boilers and tiles;

– Make fires outside the designated places on the premises.

9. Guests are responsible, including financial, for violation of public order, internal regulations of enterprises, sanitary and fire safety, environmental damage, intentional infliction of damage to health and property of tourists, damage or loss of property companies. In such cases, the administration has the right to refuse guilty of further stay in the territory, without reimbursement of paid service, as well as to apply to law enforcement agencies to resolve the situation.

10. Guest is responsible for the things in the room.

11. Unitary pradpryemstva “Braslavsky lakes” provides additional paid services: a place for tents, equipped with seating area, a gazebo, a picnic area, bath and wellness center, billiards, table tennis, conference room, rental service (boat walking, water bike, tent, pot mats, skewer, BBQ + 6 skewers, hammocks, sleeping bag, backpack, ball, bingo, checkers, chess, backgammon, badminton, set for navigation, the circle for swimming, jump rope with counter), and others.

12. All issues and complaints that arise during the holidays and on accommodation and food for the enterprise, guests should try to resolve the self by applying directly to the representative of the administration of the company.

13. The procedure for cleaning maids rooms, the frequency change of bed linen and towels, complete sets of bathrooms cosmetic and bath products regulated by the sanitary rules and regulations of the Republic of Belarus.

Enjoy your vacation!