Lake District

Lake District

Our magnificent Lake District has been studied for a long time: the scientists from the Russian Empire and Poland and, of course, the scientists of the Soviet period. The area has the largest concentration in our country places of worship: churches, cathedrals, chapels. How wonderful and known and unknown architects left the fruits of their labors. Architect Shpakovskii built Orthodox church in the village Drisvyaty, povet hospital in Braslav in 1906, and others.

The highest church in Belarus (height 59 meters) is located in Vidzy. He leaves no one indifferent. Holy Trinity Church completed in 1914 In memory of the hostilities in the wall of the church walled two heads of projectiles. Some tourists say that it it is somewhat reminiscent of Notre Dame.

Braslavskaya land retained first stone complex of the Bernardine Monastery and the Church of the Holy Trinity in Druya ​​built at the expense of Casimir Leo Sapieha in 1643 – 1646 years. On the shore of the Dvina Borisov is a stone with a six-pointed cross and inscriptions, epigraphic monument in the XII century.

Very attractive is the small church made of natural stone in the village of St. Jozef Borodinichi, built in 1836Infinitely attractive beauty of the area d. Slobidka. No wonder: it includes four of the ancient city. The most mysterious are the settlement and Maskovichi Ratyunki. With Maskovich offers spectacular eye view of the large lakes and hills. Settlement for some unknown reason has ceased to exist at the beginning of the XIV century. It contains the largest collection of Scandinavian runic inscriptions made on fragments of animal bones. Presumably, this settlement was the center of the region in the XI-XIII centuries. and bore craft – commercial character. From the surrounding hills can be seen from afar two-towered church of God’s Providence in Slobodka.

Practically nothing but legend has been preserved from the male Orthodox monastery on the small island monastery lake Nespish. Survived the 1832 fire icon now adorns the altar of the church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Braslav.

Lovers of archeology and history can recommend a settlement in Braslav. It is fraught with many more mysteries, because excavations were carried out on him just four times. Hillfort lucky – not a bomb hit him in the Great Patriotic War.

On defense the shaft is a monument to the glorious doctor, public figure Stanislav Narbut. The name of the doctor during his lifetime was legendary. The hospital, which is in the people “dubbed” Narbutovskoy, in 2006, created a female Orthodox monastery of Saint Panteleimon.

Hallmark Braslav has long been and remains one of the best points of Belarus obzornyz Mount Beacon. The height of the mountain 174 meters above sea level.Lighthouse surrounding mountains are rare for low-mountain landscapes of Eastern Europe.

Contemporaries thankful soldiers and partisans who died in the name of victory in the Great Patriotic War. Memorials and monuments set up in the villages Labetskaya, Zarache, Zamoshye, Repovschina, Flocks, Borovo, Prudinki.

Very impressive lovers of old remains of palaces and manor and a park of Count F. Plater, built in 1905 in the village of Opsa.